The Conscious Consumption series brings the “museum mindset” into the shops, workrooms and kitchens all around us, giving deeper consideration to the objects – and ideas – we encounter everyday.

Artisanal. Fair Trade. Slow Living. Crowd Sourcing.

Big ideas that challenge a simple truth: most of us are just consumers, most of the time.

Object + Idea | Ask the big questions about what you wear, eat and take in.

Why do I consume?
How much is too much?
How are things made?
And does it matter to me?

Towards a personal code of consumption.

We’re pulling together important conversations about consumption and pulling them into the places where we love to consume – shops, galleries and homes. We start with the premise that consumption is an everyday human activity that is done better when we do it with attention. We also see it as deeply personal one – no two paths will look the same. Hear big ideas, get the insider scoop from those who make the things we covet and get personal.

Contact us at consciousconsumptiontoronto@gmail.com

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